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What We Offer

What we Offer

ABC members excel in, and contribute to, all sectors of the economy, with a cumulative gross revenue exceeding US$ 600 billion. They directly employ over 130,000 people and indirectly employ more then one million people within the country. The American Business Council recognizes the commercial impact and economic relevance of its members, and proactively works to facilitate and promote their interests in all matters of trade and investment.

The organization is therefore revered as an effective channel for dialogue with the Government of Pakistan. Regular suggestions and input for improvement are provided to the relevant bodies - ministries, regulatory and tax authorities – to ensure that ABC’s suggestions and concerns are incorporated in the annual Federal Budget and Trade Policy.



Assistance in advocacy to resolve investment and trade issues
Industry/Sector, specific advocacy and Policy paper updates
Involvement in setting council strategy development
Invitations to meetings with U.S and
Pakistani governments officials and
CEO-level briefings
Opportunities for participation in members only events, such as trade missions, conferences, exhibitions and briefings with U.S and Pakistanis government officials
Networking events with the
leadership and
senior management
Access to Executive Committee
members of ABC
Assistance with securing appointments for company executives visiting Pakistan
Business visa facilitation
Periodic updates of ABC activities and accomplishments
Visibility boost for Company