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ABC Web Series


The economy is gradually reopening after a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Companies will need to plan how business will continue and, in some cases, resume by adapting operations to meet demand, ensuring supply chains and managing financial circumstances as well as inculcating extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of employees as they return to work.

We are in the Age of Covid-19 – Corona Virus, and nothing will be the same again! With the perspective of providing helpful global insights on post Covid-19 recovery, The American Business Council of Pakistan initiated its web series that comprise of E-Consulting Sessions for member companies. These webinars provide participants opportunity and the platform to share best practices; moving beyond responding to the immediate crisis, towards strategies for accelerating recovery & ideas on workforce strategies - preparing to thrive in a new normal.

These sessions are complimentary & designed exclusively for ABC member companies.

Employee Engagement During Covid-19

COVID & the HUMAN Factor have posed several dilemmas for all corporate Human Resource Managers across the board.

On 10th Sep ABC brought to the forefront International and National Best Practices for its member companies.

During the webinar titled ‘Employee Engagement DuringCovid’ Fariha Saluhiuddin – Global HR Executive People and Culture Lead GM ICI Pakistan Ltd - addressed

  • HOW has Covid impacted our way of working and HR priorities ?
  • What interventions have companies rolled out?
  • What is the future outlook?

The webinar proved to be an opportunity for Senior HR and L&D professionals of ABC member companies to share best practices in the fight against Covid.


In Conversation with Syed Babar Ali

On 14th September 2020, The ABC Secretariat proudly presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to virtually interact with one of Pakistan's most iconic figures: The Honorable Mr. Syed Babar Ali.


The webinar was hosted by ABC's President Mr. Adnan Asad, who held a personalized interview of Syed Babar Ali.

In the profound interaction that followed, the Icon highlighted his successes, his failures, lessons he learned and how he dealt with challenges.

He further expressed his views on the current business environment of the country and how to rise above it.


The one-of-a-kind webinar was full of insight and experiential wisdom, and we're grateful to Syed Babar Ali for the opportunity.


How to Craft your Executive Presence on Linkedin: A Step by Step Guide

Beyond Covid-19, Organizations globally have prioritized enhancing and boosting their online presence. To facilitate this process, The American Business Council of Pakistan hosted a webinar with Natasha Salleh – The Digital Marketing & B2B Expert and Education Lead at LinkedIn. In the session, she discussed and highlighted:

  • Beyond the buzz: Thought leadership matters
  • Defining your thought leadership persona
  • Setting a strategy 
  • A quick guide to activating on LinkedIn 


Natasha’s hands-on experience with Linkedin, Facebook and Google makes her a uniquely integrated media strategist, and the webinar proved to be a platform for an insightful discussion on how best to utilize Linkedin for business and self.


Communication has become exceptionally critical - now that 'virtual management' is the new normal – to help alleviate cultural challenges and dilemmas.

ABC organized a webinar titled 'Cultural Navigator' in a creative collaboration with Berlitz to address these concerns and provide a solution.

On 6th August 2020, the webinar gave its participants the chance to engage and learn about communication and cultural nuances imperative for effective collaboration. It focused on:

- Understanding cultural preferences and their impacts on your work

- Identifying potential cultural challenges and relevant strategies

- Collaborating more effectively with colleagues and clients in diverse cultures.

The webinar was attended by business leaders and HR Directors, and offered practical solutions to contemporary cultural intricacies.


With the aim to provide an insight on Risk Management in the unpredictable and unparalleled circumstances, The American Business Council of Pakistan organized a high-impact webinar exclusively for C-Suite Members, in collaboration with the globally renowned Dun & Bradstreet on 29th July, 2020.

Dun & Bradstreet presented robust market intelligence and unseen Business Optimism Index (BOI) reports for the first and second quarters of 2020. This was followed by an insightful discussion about challenges, prospects and possibilities in Pakistan considering facts and figures supported with data analysis.

The Webinar was attended by 80% of our members and was deemed a success.


Given the dire nature of Covid-19, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in boosting employee morale.


ABC therefore organized a webinar on 18th June, 2020 to focus on:

- deteriorating rates of employment, motivational levels and mental health
- the importance of re-evaluating HR approach- Investing in soft-skill trainings to cope with the virtual realities of the new normal


The sessions were conducted in collaboration with Markas Human Resources, received over 75% registrations, and proved both insightful and relevant to the current socio-economic environment.


Over 70% of leaders agree that the business decisions they take now will be here to stay for over a year. However, over 65% don’t believe they are were equipped or prepared to deal with the pandemic’s impact on their businesses.


In this time of uncertainty, ABC organized the first of its web series on 16th June, 2020 to focus on Resilience and Agility as cornerstones of Strategy and Leadership.
The session was conducted by Global Management Consultants, and over 70% of ABC’s member companies registered.


The webinar was the first of its kind, and set the tone and caliber of all webinars that followed