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On October 5th 2021, a delegation from the Federal Board of Revenue held a meeting at The ABC Secretariat with members of The Council to address POS related challenges. The FBR Team, led by Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Shar – Additional Commissioner IR with an entourage including Mr. Anees Ahmed Memon – Deputy Commissioner IR, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Burki – Additional Commissioner IR and Mr. Khush Ahmed Din – Audit Officer IR, held candid discussions with some of ABC's prominent members: Colgate Palmolive, Mondelez, KFC, McDonald’s and Levi Strauss.

ABC companies appreciated FBR's efforts to document the economy through digital means that ensure transparency in tax collection processes. Feedback and recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of POS System rollout and implementation were shared candidly. The meeting was moderated by Secretary General Ms. Ayesha Tahir Masood who thanked the FBR Team for reaching out to get the perspective of American companies.