Membership Rewards

Benefits of Membership:

Key Services:

  • Assistance given in advocacy to resolve investment and company specific trade issues
  • Industry Sector specificĀ  advocacy and Policy paper updates
  • Involvement in setting council strategy development
  • Invitations to meetings with U.S and Pakistani governments officials and CEO-level briefings
  • Networking eventsĀ  with the leadership
  • Opportunities for participation in members only events which include trade missions, conferences, exhibitions and briefings with U.S and Pakistanis government officials
  • Access to executive committee members of ABC
  • Assistance with securing appointments for company executives visiting Pakistan
  • Business visa facilitation services
  • Periodic ABC activities updates
  • Visibility boost for Company branding

Why Join?

Networking: Through the ABC, your company will become part of the US business community in Pakistan. Engagement with our members is at leadership level to ensure that only senior networking opportunities arise.

Representation:The ABC is recognized as one of the most influential business groups in the country. The agenda and priorities of the Chamber are driven solely by the feedback of our members.

Business Growth: The Chamber runs a high quality event program covering a range of subjects to support our members to grow business in Pakistan. Multiple contacts within our member companies can attend these events to learn from each other and share best practices in areas such as innovative people management and business transformation.

For further information, to arrange a meeting or to apply for membership please contact the chamber at