TRG’s CSR efforts promote some of Pakistan’s brightest and most talented students, aid healthcare, and support underprivileged communities.


Developing the Education Sector:

TRG in collaboration with MENSA Pakistan, an international high IQ society, has conducted a nationwide search for passionate young individuals who have extraordinary analytical and problem-solving skills. Under this program called the Genius Hunt, top applicants are enrolled in a three-year full-time job at the company, working with the Artificial Intelligence team. Upon successful completion of the three-year program, TRG sponsors their undergraduate education to any university in the world. Five geniuses have been sent to top engineering schools in the US to date.


Serving the Healthcare Sector:

In the area of health care, some of the company’s initiatives include a medicine and a money collection drive for Dar-ul-Sukun and a blood drive for Fatimid Foundation.


Supporting the Community:

During Ramzan, TRG organized an Iftar party for SOS village and a donation drive for Sarim Burney Trust. The 2500+ company employees also contributed to the Eidi cash drive for the staff members.



TRG’s CSR Expenditure in 2014: PKR 19,026,795