Philip Morris

PMPKL has made notable contributions to education, women empowerment and employee volunteer programs.

Access to Education and Say No to Child Labor

Philip Morris (PMPKL) has launched 36 summer schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ‘KPK’ Province. The main purpose of the summer schools is to prevent children from working in tobacco farms during the harvesting period and to engage them in academic, extra-curricular and civic education activities during summer. These summer schools operate in a cluster at a central location in tobacco growing areas and attract other children from neighboring areas as well.

Under Agricultural Labor Practices ‘ALP’, PMPKL aims to promote fair and safe labor practices on all farms that grow tobacco for the company. ALP is a key component of PMPKL’s broader Good Agricultural Program ‘GAP.’

Women Empowerment

PMPKL has reached out to support the Smile Again Foundation for rehabilitations of domestic violence victims. So far this initiative has benefitted 59 burnt victims through reconstructive surgeries.

PMPKL also provides door to door basic mobile health units to the under-served communities for enhancing free delivery of medical services. These units have so far benefited more than 114,000 community members.

Employee Volunteer Programs

PMPKL has engaged more than 300 employees with 1500 voluntary hours to benefit orphan support programs in 3 regions.