Supporting Women Empowerment

DuPont recently supported a community outreach program to provide life skills and vocational training to deaf female students of Deaf Reach School of Family Education Services Foundation (FESF) in Karachi and Hyderabad. The objective of the program was to empower young female talent to be self-sufficient and to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to overcome obstacles in life or work environment and ultimately, help themselves develop in the society for a sustainable living.

Fostering Learning Mindsets among the Pakistani Youth

DuPont Pakistan collaborated with Rabtt to conduct learning workshops in six schools in Lahore. Core objective of the program was to equip under privileged students with learning skills through training programs, summer workshops, and fellowship programs and to enhance their critical thinking, creativity and empathy. World History, Arts, Dramatics, Public Speaking, Thinking Skills and Peace building were the major subjects taught.